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« Big Brother (HD, New, TV-14) Monitored by video, contestants live together without any outside contact, and each week they enter challenges and vote to dismiss one person.
Criminal Minds The Sandman (HD, Repeat, TV-14) The team travels to Wichita to investigate a case in which an UnSub is kidnapping children from their homes while their parents are asleep.
American Gothic The Veteran in a New Field (HD, New, TV-14) The city is in an uproar as the SBK strikes again; Alison relies on Brady to clear her name as she sets out to find the culprit who is at fault.
WNEM TV-5 News (HD, New) The WNEM TV-5 News Team presents the latest in local, regional, statewide and national news, along with business news, sports, weather and travel.

« The Closer A Family Affair (HD, TV-14) The detectives look into the mysterious death of a police officer's daughter; Brenda's unit continues to get audited by Captain Raydor.
The Closer Death Warrant (HD, TV-14) A complex case overwhelms Brenda to the point to where she seeks the council of Captain Raydor; the squad is affected by Brenda's lawsuit.
WNEM TV-5 News at 10pm (New)
WNEM TV-5 News Sports Extra Pigskin Preview Special (New) The WNEM TV-5 Sports Team presents a comprehensive report on local and national sports events, as well as game highlights and analysis, interviews and news.
Dr. Phil I Believe My "Mooching" Nephew and His Alleged Six Alter Egos Duping My Sister (HD, Repeat, TV-14) A woman says her 23-year-old son was a sweet child but adopted multiple personalities as a teenager, including twin boys and a cat with an Australian accent.

« The Bionic Woman Beyond the Call (TV-PG) Jaime finds herself being the test subject in a survival class taught by a decorated Vietnam veteran; the veteran hatches an evil plan to steal from OSI.
The Six Million Dollar Man Taneha (TV-PG) Steve promises a local sheriff that he will make sure a rare and legendary cougar is protected from a group of people who want to hunt and kill it.
The A-Team The Spy Who Mugged Me (TV-PG) In order to stop a terrorist based in Monte Carlo, Murdock poses as a special agent in order to get closer to him by turning on the charm with his companion.
Miami Vice World of Trouble (TV-PG) A mob boss who was thought to be dead risks everything to return to the States and attempt to persuade his son not to go into the business of crime.
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